RAZOREX - Ultimate Muscle-Mind Pill 60 CAPS

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Most people know that energy and endurance are important when exercising, but not everyone is  equally aware of how important it is to have elevated cognitive function. Being in the middle of a workout, fully charged with energy, but losing focus and motivation has probably happened to most people. It is most likely a sign that your brain is not keeping up with your body and is not sending out the impulses needed to control your muscles. Performing an exercise such as squats or biceps curls the right way requires not only the right technique but also full concentration so that the right muscles are activated at the right time. If you do not have the right cooperation between brain and muscles, performance and results may suffer . Therefore, it is important to ensure that your brain is also activated in the right way before the workout. With Razorex, you get the complete energy boost. The cutting edge blend of ingredients activates and optimizes your brain for perfect interaction with your other muscles. Razorex also optimizes your cognitive functions, increases energy and endurance, and counteract mental fog.

Dimethylglycine HCl is a derivative of the amino acid glycine that has shown a positive effect  on cognitive function, regeneration and repair of DNA, purification of the liver, and increased oxygen uptake. Studies have also shown increased stress resistance, reduction in free radicals, and increased immune system functions.

Razorex contains 200mg of pure L-Theanine per dose, which is the dose that occurs in many  documented clinical studies where it has been shown to increase both serotonin and dopamine in  the brain. These substances affect mood, sleep, and overall emotion balance. Cortisol secretion can also occur, which helps the body deal with stress. These studies have also shown to significantly increase attention and mental acuity. Caffeine is known as a natural energy booster and has a synergistic effect in combination with L-Theanine.

Alpha GPC is another interesting ingredient that can increase mental focus, performance, and cognitive functions. Alpha GPC has also been shown to stimulate growth hormone and fat burning. 

Panax Ginseng has been used as traditional Chinese medicine since the 17th  century to increase vitality and energy. Panax ginseng contains several substances that have been shown to have positive effects on everything from energy and focus to increasing blood flow, stimulating mood and libido for men. 

To maximize the uptake of each ingredient and give full effect, each serving of Hyperbol contains our  absorption complex - CycloDex50. It consists of B-Cyclodextrin and extracts of turmeric and black  pepper. Maximum uptake of all ingredients ensures that you get the best effect from Razorex - The Ultimate Muscle-Mind Pill.