HYPERBOL - Pro Anabolic Support 60 CAPS

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When we create a product, we strive to make it as unique as possible. We have no interest in  walking in someone else's footsteps, but rather blaze our own path with unique products. This also applies to  the product Hyperbol, an ultra-concentrated capsule product that rapidly increases strength and muscle growth. To get the full effect of Hyperbol, it is required that you also increase caloric intake and protein consumption, preferably in combination with heavier weights at a lower intensity. 

The ingredients in Hyperbol are what we consider the best combination for natural increased anabolic effect, stronger libido and better performance all around.

The main ingredient in Hyperbol is Chinese Smilax, or Sarsaparilla, a medicinal plant that has been  used for hundreds of years. It not only increases strength and vitality but also has  anti-inflammatory properties and increases protein synthesis (rapid muscle growth). In recent years,  the plant has been concentrated and we use a highly concentrated smilax for optimal  strength and effect. It is also used by bodybuilders as an effective PCT and natural testosterone  booster. Each daily serving contains 220mg of the purest Smilax, which  makes for real effect and results. Hyperbol also contains Epimedium extract, which goes by  many names: Horny Goat Weed, Herba edimedii, and Icarin. Epimedium is also a traditional  medicinal plant that has been shown to increase blood flow and as a result, nutrients and active  substances are released into the body where they help to build and activate the anabolic process. Epimedium has also been shown to have  a positive effect on mood and mood.  Macuna Pruriens is a potent ingredient that also has a number of positive properties for the anabolic  process and is added to the Hyperbol mixture. Mucuna Pruriens contain L-dopa and is often used as a natural alternative to prescriptions. 

Dioscorea Deltoidea is an ingredient that has long been used by athletes because it has been shown to  increase muscle growth and to boost natural testosterone production. Just like Epimedium, it can increase blood flow and contribute to the anabolic process in the body. 

To maximize the uptake of each ingredient and give full effect, each serving of Hyperbol contains our  absorption complex - CycloDex50. It consists of B-Cyclodextrin and extracts of turmeric and black  pepper. Maximum uptake of all ingredients ensures that you get the best effect from Hyperbol ™ - The Muscle & Strength Builder.