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Hemopump Adrenaline Rush from SNS Biotech gives you extreme strength, pump, focus, energy and maximized adrenaline boost. How can it be that a dose of 5.5 grams of Hemopump’s broad-spectrum formula can give the same effect or better than the products that have a recommended serving of 10 or 20 grams?
We call Hemopump™ Adrenaline Rush a smart PWO, a super-concentrated pre-workout where the ingredients are carefully balanced and together give maximum synergy effect. Simply explained, Hemopump’s ingredients 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 give a synergy value of 10 and where other high-dose pwo mixtures with 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 have a synergy value of 8.
How can this be? Inflating with higher doses can sometimes make it difficult for the body to absorb or even block the absorption of certain active ingredients and substances, therefore a smaller dose can have a better effect.
We recommend using the smart PWO, Hemopump™ Adrenaline Rush!

• Extreme pump
• Razor-sharp intense mental focus
• Maximum energy flow
• Increased lactic acid resistance
• Explosive power and strength

Hemopump Adrenaline Rush contains:
Arginine which increases blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, gives more energy and more oxygen to the muscles.
Citrulline Malate, which increases the amount of nitric oxide, increases blood flow to the muscles, improves performance and facilitates recovery after exercise.
L-Arginine creates massive boosts in energy and stamina throughout your workout. It also optimizes muscle formation, endurance, muscle tone
, definition and recovery after your workout.
Beta-Alanine is an important component in the formation of the substance carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine has properties that contribute to increased endurance.
L-Norvalin has been added to increase nitrogen production during the workout so nutrition and blood reach the muscle more easily, L-Norvaline has also been shown to increase recovery after the workout.
Hemopump also contains a mixture of Creatine HCL and Creatine Monohydrate, the combination of these creatine varieties is to optimize the effect. Hemopump’s creatine blend provides better uptake, faster and more explosiveness in every milligram that loads the muscle cell.
We have also added some important herbal extracts to boost the effect:
Cayenne pepper support energy production by promoting healthy metabolism, the mobilization of fats for energy production (a process called lipolysis).
Olive leaf to boost the immune system and reduce muscle inflammation and maintain natural energy levels.
Rhodiola rosea root for its properties to fight fatigue and exercise performance.
Schisandra as its shown positive effects to increase physical performance and endurance. Huperzine A from Huperzia serrata as it’s a potent ingredient to increase alertness, mental focus.
Black pepper has been added to maximize the absorption of the ingredients.

Hemopump Adrenaline Rush from SNS Biotech is the smart PWO for an explosive training experience.  

Per Serving (1 scoop 5.55g)) DV%
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) 2.8mg 100%
Niacin (as Niacinamide) 16mg 100%
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic acid) 200mg 150mg
HemoPUMP Rush Proprietary matrix 4000mg *
Beta-Alanine (2000mg)
Creatine HCL/Creatine monohydrate (1000mg)
Arginine AKG
Caffeine anhydrous (290mg)
Capsicum extract (Capsicum annum)
Rhodiola rosea extract
Olea Europea extract
Schisandra extract
Black pepper extract (Piper nigrum)
Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata)

Other ingredients: Flavor, Citric acid, Malic acid, Tricalcium phosphate, Acelsulfame-K, Sucralose, Erytritol, Color: Fruit Punch: Bettroot, Tropical Punch: Riboflavin, E122, LemonCola Sugarcolor


Use On Training Days Only: Take one serving 5.5g (1scoop) approximately 30-60 minutes prior training, blended into 10 ounces (300ml) of cold water, or suggested by a qualified healthcare practitioner. For best effect drink 7-14 ounces of water before and after consuming HemoPUMP. Its highly recommended to check tolerance by using half serving (1/2 scoop) before consuming full dose. Use with Caution Under Strict Dosing Protocols.

Do not exceed one serving 5.5g (1scoop) per training day. Avoid eating food or drink protein shake within an hour after consuming HemoPUMP. To avoid sleeplessness, do not take within 4 hours of bedtime. Taking HemoPUMP with food or on a full stomach will diminish its effects.