HemoPUMP™ - Adrenaline Rush.

Hemopump Adrenaline Rush Max-Output is a complex formulation which gives you the best
possible results from your pre-workout. It uses the physical enhancing properties of Beta-Alanine,
which builds lean muscle and buffers acid levels for mental enhancement. Our blend Creatines
maximize the increase of ATP into the muscle cell, and L-Arginine creates massive boosts in energy
and stamina throughout your workout. It also optimizes muscle formation, endurance, muscle tone
and definition, and recovery after your workout.
HemoPUMP is the #1 Choice of Bodybuilders & Athletes alike.
HemoPUMP is the first and only pre-workout supplement designed to combat mental fatigue and
enhance physical endurance and strength during your workout. HemoPUMP has been formulated with
7 key active ingredients designed to maximize your workouts and break through your limits.
The Groundbreaking HemoPUMP Adrenaline Rush Max-OUTPUT formula contains:
BETA-ALANINE enhances performance by increasing exercise capacity and decreasing muscle
fatigue by reducing lactic acid build up.
CREATINE MONOHYDRATE AND HYDROLCLORIDE BLEND works by boosting energy production
in muscle cells (ATP) and also draws fluids from the blood plasma into the skeletal muscle, which
improves muscle performance
TAURINE is an amino acid with antioxidant properties. It can help to improve workout performance by
increasing energy levels. Taurine and Creatine are often combined for a synergy effect to boost
strength and performance.
L – ARGININE NITRATE and L-CITRULLINE increases the vasodilation effect of your arterial system
allowing blood to travel to the muscle faster and at a greater volume. This leads to better
transportation of oxygen to organs and muscles, optimizing the way your body responds to your
workout demands
CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS is a naturally occurring substance that has many beneficial effects on
performance, including an increased feeling of energy and focus.
L-NORVALINE is an ingredient widely used in body building supplements and is promoted as a
compound that can boost workouts and aid recovery.
The HemoPUMP formula also contain a sophisticated blend of herbal extract to enhance performance.
CAPSICUM ANNUUM EXTRACT has been shown to increase metabolism and promote quality
muscle mass. A more uncommon effect of Capsicum is that it helps you go past your pain barrier and
get maximum effect from your workout. Capsicum also have anti-inflammatory properties that can be
beneficial for athletes who can often suffer from inflammation due to overtrained and sour muscles.
RHODIOLA ROSEA EXTRACT has been shown to increase brain function, mental focus, and fight
fatigue. This potent herb has also improved exercise performance on test subjects by decreasing
perceived exertion, or how hard participants felt their bodies were working.
SCHISANDRA EXTRACT is an adaptogen/adaptogenic agent and are extracted from the red berries
These berries contain powerful constituent that have multiple healing properties that are well known to
improve liver functioning and adrenal fatigue. But it’s benefits go further, traditional and modern use for
Schisandra include:
• anti-inflammatory
• increasing energy
• improving vision
• boosting muscular activity
• improving cellular health and preventing premature aging
• liver disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis)
• protection against radiation
• improve physical exhaustion
• improve mental health (depression, brain fog, concentration)
HUPERZIA A HUPERZIA SERRATA is another super herb for athletes. This herb in its purest version
Huperzia A is commonly used to boost energy and increase alertness/focus. It has also shown positive
effects on increased muscle contraction during exercise that results in better pump and muscle
To boost the overall effect of the HemoPUMP Adrenaline Rush and make it a state-of-the-art pre
workout formula we have added PIPER NIGRUM EXTRACT that has shown significantly results to
increase the bioavailability and together with the vitamin blend that contains, B-3, B-6 and Vitamin C,
it maximizes the effect of this unique formula.
Overall, we believe the new HemoPUMP Adrenaline Rush Max-Output formula is the most effective
hyper concentrated pre-workout formula ever created, so if you are looking for fast increase of energy
levels, boost performance, strength, mental focus and explosive pump, look no further! Try our one-ofa-kind formula and you will be amazed what 5.5gram can do for you to blast your workout to new
records. Stronger, Faster and with more Endurance, your progress has never been so fast and the
goals has never been so easy to reach. HemoPUMP Adrenaline Rush Max-OUTPUT – Always Be
Your Best!